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Toxins in everyday skincare products can cause hormonal imbalances. So we created plant-based cruelty-free skincare and herbal wellness teas to help bring you back to the center of Self-Care. What started as a personal journey to wellness, has created UBIIKA BEAUTY

Natural Ingredients

The use of chemicals in skincare products affects our body's natural chemistry and hormones. UBIIKA Beauty provides natural solutions you can trust.

Holistic Solutions

When you shop with us, you can rest easy knowing you are getting effective holistic solutions. Our natural ingredients are grown from the ground up, and sourced within the USA.

Effective Results

We have made it our mission to find solutions that work. The botanicals, fruit extracts and active ingredients work together to give you the results you desire, without breaking the bank.


We know how hard it is to trust skincare nowadays, so we created our own. UBiiKA Beauty is committed to sourcing natural ingredients that work for your body, Need a boost in your skincare routine? Check out our face & body skin wash bundle that will give your skin the care it so desperately deserves.

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