Arrowroot Powder as a Baby Powder Alternative

Arrowroot Powder as a Baby Powder Alternative

For our private area's hygiene, we tend to get picky with the skincare products we use. Our feminine parts are naturally sensitive, so we have to find alternatives that are gentle enough to use. One of the most common products we use down there is baby powder, but did you know that it could cause more harm than good things? In this article, we’ll provide you with a great replacement!


It’s not flashing news that you shouldn’t use baby powder on your baby (yes, even if it’s in the name!). Most baby powder is made up of talc, a component linked to multiple cancer types because of its relation to asbestos. If the baby powder is deemed unsafe for use on babies, you shouldn’t use it in your private area, considering its sensitivity.

While arrowroot powder can be found as ingredients to various dishes, this powder is also seen in lots of skincare and cosmetic products. Arrowroot powder comes from the tropical arrowroot plant and has been widely known for its versatility. This component is utilized for medicinal applications because of its ability to detoxify wounds, nourish the skin, and relieve irritation.

Arrowroot powder is rich in minerals, including zinc and potassium, and it can also cater to any skin type. It’s gentle to use, so you definitely won’t worry about using it on your vagina. Baby powder used to be our go-to product to get rid of the odor and absorb moisture, but with the rising number of reports regarding its negative effects, it’s best if we just use an alternative; arrowroot powder is your best bet!

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