DIY Malai Milk Cream for Your Face

DIY Malai Milk Cream for Your Face

Have you heard about the fad on the Malai Milk Cream? If yes, we have the recipe you’d surely want to follow. If not, this article will talk about this craze and why you’d want to join the wagon. Let’s get started!


Malai, or milk cream, is famous in India for both culinary and beauty health purposes. Essentially, malai is a form of clotted cream applied on the face, skin, and hair. While it still lacks clinical research to back up malai’s actual benefits, it’s very easy to make at home. Since it’s our nature to try out any skincare DIY that’s accessible to us, people around the globe are raving about it.

Those who use malai on a regular basis believe that it can improve your skin tone, give you that radiant glow, hydrate your skin, and provide significant impact on your skin’s elasticity. The only way to find its effects on your end is to try it out. We’ve got the recipe covered!




  • Non-homogenized Milk
    Make sure that you get non-homogenized milk for the best result. The original malai is made from buffalo milk, BUT you can make yours at home using cow’s milk. Take note that it would have a different consistency because of the fat content.

    The significance of this type of milk is that when it goes through the process of homogenization, the fat molecules are formulated into smaller compounds; it would give you a hard time separating the fat from the milk. We want to skim the fat from the milk because that’s what you’ll be using.



  1. Heat your saucepan on medium and pour the milk in it.
  2. Bring the temperature to 180 F (or 82 C). This is when small bubbles are starting to rise from the bottom.
  3. Maintain this temperature for at least 1 hour.
  4. Take it out from the heat and let the milk cool down.
  5. The top layer that’s clearly composed of fat and coagulated proteins is your target. Skim this layer off and move it to a bowl.
  6. Get ready for the application.

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