Does Your Skin Type Change along with the Season?

Does Your Skin Type Change along with the Season?

Have you ever wondered if your skin type changes as the season does? We’ve got four seasons to observe this, and it’s kind of confusing to distinguish. Most of the time, we just see our skin coping up with weather conditions; other times, we see certain changes brought by our current skincare routine.

But does our skin type really change with the season? Let’s all find out in this article!

According to experts and clinical studies, our skin type doesn’t essentially change during season switches. The “change” you tend to notice is the effect of your skin trying to adapt to environmental changes.

One of the perfect examples of this is when your skin feels a little drier in the winter season. The reason is not that your skin is transitioning into another type. Rather, your skin needs more hydration because the cold weather is drying it up.

The good thing about this inevitable outcome is that you can actually do something about it. It’s easy to deal with season changes in terms of your skin health when you already know your skin type. If you’re still confused about it, here’s our guide you can refer to!

Once you work out your skin type, you’ll quickly find what you need to adjust in your skincare routine. Additionally, you’d want to stay consistent with your regimen to establish healthy skincare habits. Stick with your morning and nighttime routine, keep a healthy diet, and don’t forget to stay hydrated at all times. Pay close attention to the changes on your skin each season and find alternate skincare products for the time being.

We definitely can’t stop the season from changing, but we can protect and nourish our skin regardless of the season. Make sure you visit our blogs to learn more about beauty and skincare!

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