How to Use Gua Sha

How to Use Gua Sha

What is the raving buzz surrounding Gua Sha? Find more about this trending skincare practice here!



What is Gua Sha?

You may have come across Instagram posts about how people have been incorporating gua sha in their daily routine. Is it the next big thing in the world of skincare?

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese massage technique practiced centuries ago. It means “jade scraping”, and it’s considered an ancient healing technique. This practice was primarily for body treatment, which involves aggressive scraping of a gua sha tool on the neck and shoulders for health benefits like muscle relief and better blood circulation. That sounds extreme, but you don’t have to worry! A gua sha facial treatment ensures to use gentle scraping techniques.


What is a Gua Sha Tool?

Now that you know more about what gua sha is, does this mean that you’ve been doing it with the jade roller? In a sense, you’re already there, but not quite.

When choosing a tool, the type of stone doesn’t really matter. Because one of your goals in practicing gua sha is to make your face firmer, the tool’s shape is significant. While the jade roller trend can be connected to this practice, you need to use the proper gua sha tool.



How to Use Gua Sha

Get your face ready for the ultimate gua sha treatment. To start, use your tool on the face alongside water or oil. Hold the curved side of the tool on your neck as the starting point. Stroke it up to your chin, jawline, and the mouth area up to 5 times. Keep your strokes in one direction only and not back and forth.

Use the flat part of the tool and gently press it under your eyes and other parts of your skin that show redness. Motion the tool up down your neck to relax your muscle. Do NOT stroke it upwards.


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