Ingredient Spotlight: Calendula Oil

Ingredient Spotlight: Calendula Oil

What’s calendula oil, and what does it actually do to my skin?

Find out more about this ingredient here in this article!


What is Calendula Oil?


You’ve probably seen this ingredient in a lot of skincare products, like sunscreens and serums. But where does it come from? Calendula oil is naturally extracted from the calendula flower – also referred to as marigold flowers. Traditionally, this extract was used Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, primarily as a topical treatment. Even Western countries used calendula oil to treat health issues like muscle spasms and relieve fevers.

Today, an additional benefit spectrum was added to Calendula’s reach, and that’s skincare. As mentioned, skincare products have been using this component as one of their main ingredients because of its rich beneficial effects on the skin.


Benefits of Calendula Oil for Skincare

  • It soothes skin inflammation.
    Calendula extracts are known for its anti-inflammatory properties. If you’re prone to acne, breakouts, eczema because your skin is highly sensitive, this ingredient is your best bet. Calendula flowers have abundant amounts of flavonoids, triterpenoids, and saponins, which stops your system from releasing histamines – the cause for inflammation, skin redness, and allergies.



  • It slows down the appearance of aging signs.
    Calendula oil has high levels of antioxidants – this means that regularly using products with this ingredient can help you relieve early signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. It adds another protective layer to your skin against dirt, free radicals, and sun damage.


  • It helps heal wounds and scars.
    The elements that compose calendula oil can boost your blood and oxygen flow toward your skin. That being said, your skin gets to have its needed nutrients and nourishment to heal wounds from scratches and cuts and minimize your scars.


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