Ingredient Spotlight: Centella Extract UBIIKA Beauty

Ingredient Spotlight: Centella Extract

What do I need to know about Centella? Let’s talk about this ingredient here in this post.


What is Centella?

Centella is a component of many names; it’s called Centella Asiatica, Tiger Grass, Brahmi, Gotu Kala, Indian Pennywort, or just plain Centella. While this ingredient is currently gaining popularity, it has been used in ancient times for both medicinal and culinary purposes. The plant, where this component is extracted from grows mainly in the Asian region. Initially, it was a star ingredient for most South Korean skincare product lines, but it has now reached European and Western beauty brands.



Cica is popular for its notable skincare benefits, which are naturally brought by its plant components. Centella is rich in active compounds like the Madecassoside. It also has an abundant amount of antioxidants that serve as an incredible source of amino acids. Most people praise this ingredient for its healing properties and the ability to slow down common signs of aging.


The Benefits of Using Centella

Below are some of the benefits you get to enjoy using products with Centella!

  • It has anti-aging properties.
    As mentioned, Centella is composed of active ingredients, including Madecassoside. It’s also rich in Flavonoids, which serve as antioxidants on your skin. These components provide you with the needed protection against free radicals and sun damage. Centella also improves your blood circulation, which in return improves your collagen production.


  • It’s effective for healing skin damage.
    If you have psoriasis, eczema, or stretch marks, you might want to give Centella a try. The rich levels of antioxidants in this ingredient give your skin faster healing action through improved blood circulation. Centella is also great for supporting the healing process of acne breakouts.


  • It’s perfect for moisturizing.
    In addition to its abundance of antioxidants, Centella also has loads of fatty acids and amino acids that hydrate the skin, soothe irritations, and maintain the radiant glow on your skin.


If you’re still hesitating about Centella, this is your sign to buy that skincare product! For more articles on skincare and beauty, make sure to check blogs here!

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