The Truth about Castor Oil and Its Hair Application

The Truth about Castor Oil and Its Hair Application

Have you scoured the internet for ways to make your brows and lashes thicker? Trust us, we’ve done that too! Castor oil is one of those that people seem to be vouching for. But is it really effective? Let’s talk about it here.


The use of castor oil on the strands is definitely a trend in the beauty industry. Whether you’re trying to find a fix for your hair, lashes, or brows, most people tend to recommend castor oil the most. Castor oil is one of the common ingredients found in skincare products; in line with it are jojoba, coconut, and olive oil. This ingredient is extracted directly from castor beans. It’s mostly used for medicinal and household purposes, but now, people see its benefits in skincare.


Castor Oil on Hair and Scalp

Most people that utilize castor oil on their hair expect to have thicker hair upon regular use. While it still hasn’t proven to be effective on hair growth, you can also get another benefit from applying castor oil on your hair and scalp. This ingredient serves as an effective moisturizer, especially if you’re experiencing dryness and itchiness on your scalp. Having hydrated scalp can encourage hair growth and help your hair become shiny and healthy.



Castor Oil on the Brows and Lashes

While some vouch for castor oil’s efficiency on the brows and lashes, a lot are still in doubt whether this ingredient is safe to apply here, mainly because we’re dealing with a sensitive area. You just need to apply the oil to your eyebrows and eyelashes, not directly on your eyes.


We still lack scientific research on castor oil’s relation with hair growth; however, you can still enjoy moisturizing and hydrating benefits on your scalp, hair, lashes, and brows.

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