Yoni Oil for Vaginal Health

Yoni Oil for Vaginal Health

Do you agree that there’s a difference between feminine hygiene and vaginal healthcare? We certainly go by this fact, and we’re going to focus more on vaginal healthcare for this article.

Feminine hygiene does involve the basic cleaning of and maintaining the cleanliness of your vagina. On the other hand, vaginal healthcare sounds more specific and deals with more serious points other than cleaning the feminine area.


Lately, there’s been a trend going around on the internet talking about the use of yoni oil to improve one’s vaginal health. But what is “yoni”? If you’re not that familiar with this term, it’s an ancient word pertaining to female organs like the womb and vagina. Therefore, yoni oil is a mixture of different natural oils that aims to boost your vaginal hygiene and health.

Aside from the mentioned natural oils that make up the yoni oil, certain herbs and essential oils are incorporated with this self-care product. While it can serve as a lubricant, yoni oil is mainly used as a moisturizer for vaginal areas like the labia majora and mons pubis. On top of that, you can further benefit from the yoni oil by using it in your skincare routine.



So, how do you apply and use it? It’s best to use yoni oil after taking a bath or shower. Never insert the product into your vagina. You can also steam the oils to boost vaginal detox, moisture, and toning. Keep in mind that yoni oils can provide you with various results, depending on the primary component used to formulate it.

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