Why UBiiKA Beauty? Because we wanted a safer, non-toxic alternative to commercially produced feminine care and skincare. UBIIKA, which means “To Grow", was born in 2018 after our founder was told by her OBGYN that she had hormone imbalances that led to fibroids. She wanted to find natural alternatives to the everyday products she was using in order to minimize menstrual discomfort and hormonal acne. Although her love for holistic remedies began in the kitchen in 2007, she officially launched UBIIKA  Beauty in 2021 and this process evolved into creating skin nourishing products and herbal teas. 

Why Plant Based? When it comes to feminine care can skincare, you don’t want to use products with nasty toxins, fillers and chemicals. Fragrance, artificial ingredients, and synthetic additives can all affect your body and its overall health. That’s why, at UBIIKA Beauty, we have made it our mission to help women far and wide tackle their skincare and feminine care issues in a completely holistic way. We believe every woman deserves to use products without the need to put their health at risk. We are taking women back to the center of self-care, from the inside out, with a line of products that focus on holistic remedies and herbal treatments.

When you shop with us, you can rest easy knowing you are getting purely herbal and holistic solutions to wellness.

Now we know we aren't doctors, but we do know that herbal remedies have been around for centuries --much longer than guys in lab coats. However, we wanted to make sure we did our due diligence by having our plant based formulas reviewed by Dr. Antonika Chanel DACM LAc; NCCAOM board certified and dedicated Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. She had this to say about our products:

"In my years of practice of East Asian Medicine I have seen very few formulations that include more than one or two ingredients outside of my practice. Herbal formulas are an ancient medicine that have been studied and when prescribed with food or as food they support the whole anatomy on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Our internal ecosystem requires that we nurture the body as a whole. I feel that UBIIKA carefully and purposefully combines the right ingredients to achieve the best health benefits while one uses other health practices.  I am able to translate each of the herbs into Chinese herbs and get a deeper understanding of their actions. I am confident that UBIIKA formulation is a supportive and essential in helping others find comfort in gynecological health. Overall UBIIKA formulation is free from synthetic fillers and additives which make your product standout from other manufactured brands."


We are passionate about giving back and spreading the word on herbal healing. UBIIKA Beauty has partnered with CARING FOR GIRLS WITH PERIOD organization in Nigeria that supplies sanitary pads and menstrual education to poverty-stricken communities in the country. We donate a percentage of our sales to this initiative.

Thank you for being apart of our mission. For more on this organization: click here