Menstrual Support Herbal Tea
Menstrual Support Herbal Tea
Menstrual Support Herbal Tea

Menstrual Support Herbal Tea

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Our Menstrual Support tea is a plant based herbal blend made to ease menstrual discomfort and support a healthy cycle. 14 servings per package. 

Formulated with uterus toning red raspberry leaf, liver cleansing dandelion root, calming chamomile, digestion soothing ginger, and many other herbs. This tea supports healthy digestion to chase away that ugh feeling, while helping to balance out hormones and ease constipation. No GMOs, caffeine, gluten, soy or milk -- just good stuff.

You have the option to purchase this tea as loose herbs or 14 tea bags.


Add 1 tbs of herbs (or 1 tea bag) to a heat-safe mug. Pour 8 oz of freshly boiled water over the herbs and steep for 5-7 minutes. Squeeze tea bag before drinking for maximum benefits. Enjoy two cups daily.  Sweeten with natural honey, date sugar or agave if desired. Note: The longer you allow the tea to steep, the stronger the medicinal benefits will be.

Important Product Information

Please consult your physician before use if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, have a pre-existing condition, or are taking any medication. Keep out of reach from children in a dry place out of direct sunlight. Do not use if you are allergic to plants. Not for use in persons with kidney disease, FODMAP sensitivities, or nut allergies. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


Organic Red Raspberry Leaf, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Chamomile Flower, Organic Moringa Leaf, Organic Stinging Nettle, Organic Hibiscus Flower, Cinnamon Chips

Recycled Paper (for tea bags)


Red Raspberry Leaf

Known as the “woman’s herb,” red raspberry leaf has been used by indigenious cultures for centuries to reduce PMS and labor pain. It’s rich in B vitamins; minerals like magnesium, phosphorus, and iron; and antioxidants that protect the body from cell damage. Red raspberry leaf is also high in fragarine, a plant compound that relaxes the uterine muscles, relieving menstrual cramps. 

Dandelion Root

A mainstay in folk medicine, dandelion leaf reduces bloating, aids digestion, and protects against urinary tract infections. Full of beta-carotene and other antioxidants, dandelion leaf reduces inflammation in the body and protects cells from metabolic damage.

Ginger Root

This spicy root is full of health benefits, treating nausea, reducing inflammation, and managing pain. High in the antioxidant gingerol, ginger fights infections, reduces oxidative stress, and aids in healthy digestion.



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